This DIY Fall Wreath Is The Chicest Home D&

Most of us want to be crafty people, but often, time just gets in the way. Our busy schedules always seem to prevent us from cooking that healthy recipe from scratch, or giving a special, personalized gift when a friend’s birthday rolls around. As the busiest season of the year, the holidays can be even harder to navigate.

But this 15-minute fall wreath is simple enough to fit into your schedule and beautiful enough to impress anyone who sees it. And when it takes under an hour 20 minutes to make, there are literally no excuses. So this fall, carve yourself a quarter of an hour to make something pretty for home.

15 Minute Fall Wreath


Wreath Base

9 Faux Hydrangea blooms

Pipe cleaners

Hot glue gun

Metallic foliage


1. Thread a pipe cleaner through a hydrangea bloom, wrap it around the wreath base, and secure by twisting the pipe cleaner tightly. Repeat until all blooms are attached.

2. Hot glue the accent foliage to the wreath base.

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